Metamorphosis Overdrive

Camille Blatrix, Timothée Calame, Rä di Martino, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Guan Xiao, Yngve Holen, Diego Perrone, Ilona Ruegg

7 March – 4 October 2020, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen


Transformations of machines and other tools play a central role in our collective imagination. The exhibition Metamorphosis Overdrive investigates the changes and transformations of elemental and technical forms and their significance in the present moment. The artistic positions question singular objects on their actual representation value and analyze the new boundaries of sculpture from a technical and receptive point of view. Eight international artists present works that transform absurd forms into strange but familiar arrangements. They represent a prototypical aesthetic of sculpture in which everyday forms become visionary sculptures.

The presentation examines the obsession of consumer society with objects, questions their appeal, and reveals their potential for frustration. The dynamics of attraction and repulsion are inherent in the works in the exhibition. In the domain of art, obsolescence is not connotated negatively and is used as a driving force, whereas the consumer goods industry intentionally incorporates it in order to accelerate consumption. Despite their icy, standardized, industrial appearance, the works seek to establish an emotional and poetic connection with the viewer.


Curator: Lorenzo Benedetti


Born 1984 in France
lives and works in Paris

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*1991 in Geneva, Switzerland
lives and works in Marseille, France

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Born 1975 in Rome, Italy

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Born 1972 in Aarhus, Denmark
lives and works in Berlin and New York

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Born 1983 in Chongqing Province, China
Lives and works in Beijing

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Born 1982 in Braunschweig, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

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Born 1970 in Asti, Italy
Lives and works in Asti and Milan

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* 1949 in Rapperswil, Switzerland
Lives and workes in Zürich.

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