Città irreale

Ei Arakawa, Nina Beier, Christoph Büchel, Bob Gramsma, Alex Hanimann, Sara Masüger, Jessica Stockholder 

postponed to 2021, Lokremise


The exhibition Città irreale combines large-scale and sculptural works from the collection of the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen which relate to a social context. The architectural structures or modules range from elementary dwellings (Büchel, Masüger) to aspects of global mobility (Gramsma) and an environment composed of brightly colored objects from everyday life (Stockholder). Alex Hanimann’s life-size figure ensemble The Conversation Piece, which depicts five young people in typical poses of Generation Z, and Ei Arakawa’s performance will bring the exhibition out into public space.

The Lokremise is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2020! The Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, the Theater St. Gallen, and Kinok, the cinema in the Lokremise, are realizing an interdisciplinary joint project for this unique cultural center. The exhibition Città irreale is both the stage and the backdrop for the premiere of the play with the working title Matchentscheidend: Eine neue Theater-Serie. Theater director Jonas Knecht and his team of writers will create a theater series for St. Gallen—a live spectacle that combines theater with excitement, waiting for the new season, and uncertainty about the how the plot will unfold. In September visitors can experience the launch of the series at the LOK: absurdly exaggerated visions of the future for St. Gallen—a social and political utopia.

A joint production by the cultural partners of the Lokremise

Curator: Nadia Veronese


Born 1977 in Fukushima, Japan
Lives and works in New York

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Born 1966 in Basel, Switzerland

Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland

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Born in Uster, Switzerland
Lives and works in Zurich

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Born 1955 in Mörschwil St.Gallen, Switzerland

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Born 1978 in Zug, Switzerland
lives and workes in Zurich

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Born 1959 in Seattle, USA
lives and works in Chicago

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