Highlights & Heavyweights

21 Mai 2022 – 30 July 2023, Kunstmuseum


It’s in the nature of things that when exhibitions of works from the collection are organized thematically, like the current presentation Perfect Love, many important works remain hidden away in storage. Highlights & Heavyweights takes a different approach, and instead of making human beings the measure of all things, it focuses on other important areas of the collection such as landscapes and still lifes as well as abstract works. Coherent groups of works highlight a variety of subject matter and styles from different periods, and beloved masterpieces are once again given their rightful place.

The exhibition follows a chronological progression spanning nearly 500 years, from post-Byzantine icons to detailed works of Dutch Realism, the optical experiments of the Impressionists, the emotional force of the Expressionists, the cool object qualities of Concrete Art, and contemporary video. Scattered throughout are works that shift the focus to the region of Eastern Switzerland. The final room is dedicated to film and video art. The film and video collection of the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen includes works by renowned artists and offers a wide-ranging overview of the development of the medium from its early days in the 1960s and 1970s up to the present.

Curators: Matthias Wohlgemuth and Nadia Veronese