World on a Wire

24 Oktober 2020 to 7 March 2021

Installation art with projections, neon, and fluorescent lights as well as video art depend on a constant flow of electrical energy. New technologies have always offered new aesthetic and conceptual possibilities that artists have used intensively since the late 1960s. Precisely because this rapidly changing technology is part of everyday life and reflects the rapid and contradictory developments of the present, its messages are particularly relevant.

The history of Erker-Galerie has been carefully archived and documented in fantastic photographs by Franziska Messner-Rast and Franz Larese. The exhibition focuses on this important legacy and moves follows the guideline of the private collection that the Franz Larese and Jürg Janett Foundation donated to the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen in 2015.

Curator: Roland Wäspe