Catherine Biocca, Kasia Fudakowski, Grace Schwindt, Zin Taylor

February 9th - June 16th 2019, Lokremise

The exhibition Camouflage presents four international artists whose visual language deals with surrealist and dreamlike forms of depiction. Particularly in the medium of sculpture, it features works that explore hidden meanings. Using genres of popular culture such as comics and science fiction as well as contemporary and historical events, the artists in the exhibition examine how language and other forms of expression depend on the place and time in which they emerge. Projects, some of which are being created specifically for the exhibition, will occupy the art area of the Lokremise. As the title of the exhibition suggests, expression and language take on sculptural forms that camouflage themselves in complex layers. Accordingly, the works on view are based on highly distilled ideas and multilayered meanings.

Participating artists: Catherine Biocca (*1984, Rome), Kasia Fudakowski (*1985, London), Grace Schwindt (*1979, Offenbach), and Zin Taylor (*1978, Calgary).

Curator: Lorenzo Benedetti