Paul McCarthy

September 2nd - November 13th 2015, LOK

Paul McCarthy's work has inspired generations of young artists. Born in 1945 in Salt Lake City and now living in Los Angeles, he began his career as an artist staging performances. Early on, he dealt with painting in the form of what he called “painting as action” by using his own body as a paintbrush and bodily fluids as paint. This led to an artistic engagement with social taboos, eroticism, and sexuality.

At the same time, he turned toward stereotypical images from mass culture, such as those manifested in Disneyland, Hollywood films, and cartoons. Based on an animated film Snow White from 1937 produced by Walt Disney, in 2009 McCarthy realized an extensive series of works. The exhibition at the Lokremise St. Gallen features a complete set of his unique silicone White Snow dwarf sculptures to be presented alongside selected works by McCarthy from the extensive collection of Ursula Hauser—in a formally and conceptually virtuoso caricature. 

The exhibition will be accompanied by two recent films: WS Mammoth and WS 4 Channel, Single Projection, 7 Hours, co-directed by Paul and Damon McCarthy. 

Curators: Konrad Bitterli, Laura Bechter. 

the artist

Paul McCarthy
born 1945 in Salt Lake City UT, USA
lives and works in Los Angeles CA, USA

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